Wébinaire "Gestion des exigences"

9 novembre 2023 — 🇫🇷 + 🇬🇧

Projects get in trouble when initial requirements are not properly identified and tracked.  Late discoveries tend to be very hard and expensive to fix.

🇫🇷 Mesurer l'état du projet à travers les exigences du client

  • Identifier les exigences dans un document client
  • Raffiner les exigences jusqu'à savoir les satisfaire
  • Relier la documentation aux exigences
  • Produire des rapports de satisfaction

🇬🇧 Measure project status through customer requirements

  • Identify customer requirements within a document
  • Refine requirements until they can be met
  • Link deliverables to requirements
  • Generate satisfaction reports

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